Neutrinite Motion Proposal: Accept confirmation of $49,175.00 USD Balance for Solidstate Audit

Solidstate Audit Kick-Off!

Per the process laid out in Proposal #24, upon the event of the proposal #24 being adopted Solidstate was to convert the received ICP into USD and hold that USD on balance for the Neutrinite DAO audit, then submit a motion proposal to give the DAO transparency into this transaction.

This motion proposal is a confirmation from Solidstate that exactly $49,175.00 USD is being held on balance for the Neutrinite DAO audit!

Roughly 13 hours after receiving the 3,500 ICP from Neutrinite DAO, Solidstate’s parent company (Code & State) initiated an OTC trade to convert the 3,500 ICP into USD. Considering OTC desks usually only prefer to accept trades worth 6 figures or more, a ~10 cent spread fee was added due to this being considered a “small quantity OTC trade”.

You can view our OTC trade receipt here:

Please vote to adopt this motion proposal to avoid a proposal rejection penalty being applied.

Thank you for hiring Solidstate, we’re excited to be making history with you!



Wow exemplary transparency. What one would expect from an audit firm! Bravo.