Accept delivery & completion of DeFi Vectors audit by Solidstate

This motion proposal completes the agreement between Solidstate and Neutrinite DAO for the DeFi Vectors audit, as initially described in Proposal #24.

Audit Report Delivery

The final audit report for the DeFi Vectors audit is published here:

Payment Completion


  • As recorded in Proposal #28, Solidstate has confirmed that $49,175.00 was being held on balance for the Neutrinite DAO audit.

Amount Due

  • In alignment with the status update provided in Proposal #32, Solidstate completed the audit on April 11th, and the final report is being delivered on the 3rd business day since then as promised.
  • From March 13th through March 28th, the audit accrued 12 billable days during the initial audit review.
  • From April 9th through April 11th, the audit accrued 3 billable days during post-audit review #1.
  • To avoid another treasury transfer proposal and show our appreciation, Solidstate has decided to credit Neutrinite DAO with 1 free billable audit day.
  • This brings the total from 15 to 14 billable audit days. In alignment with the quote provided in Proposal #24, at the rate of $3,500 per billable audit day, the total amount due for the audit is $49,000.


  • To reimburse the $175 remaining from the balance that was being held for this audit, Solidstate has sent 14.5 ICP to the Neutrinite DAO treasury today at 6:59 PM UTC. (Transaction Hash)
  • The price of ICP at this time was $12.13, as shown in this screenshot, making the value of this amount of ICP worth $176.03 at the time it was sent.

As of now, all conditions of the agreement between both parties have been completed!

Please vote to adopt this motion proposal to avoid a proposal rejection penalty being applied.

Thank you for hiring Solidstate. We appreciate the trust your DAO has placed in our team, and we hope you will consider us again for any future auditing needs!



Seems this proposal is on track to fail. Does anyone have any idea why so much voting power has elected not to advance this proposal?

Right after it was submitted one of the SNS dev neurons voted to reject, but the leader of the Neutrinite core team was just as confused by this reject vote as I was, him and his team are happy with the audit. Just to be sure I check around on a few social platforms, and couldn’t find anyone voicing concerns about this proposal.

Looks like a core team dev accidentally fat-fingered the reject button.

Penalize the fat-finger for the wasted time and re submit the proposal. Voting on a " check your discord DM " proposal somehow passes.

i have a general question to the voting system.

i vote for all proposals manually each 2 days. i wonder if it is better not to be able to see the already passed votes, because the live consensus influences a lot the outcome. so many voters do not read the proposals and blindly follow the majority.

Hey @aiv does it really matter if it passes or fails? I know you want to save the reject fee, but otherwise isn’t this proposal just a way to formally write it into the public record that the agreement is complete?

Yeah, other that me losing the reject fee there’s really no impact. We just needed to end the contract by fulfilling the transparency promised in the original proposal, so having it on chain was the only reason it was made as a proposal.