Accept confirmation of $119k payment for Solidstate Audit and 4,553.1915 ICP reimbursement

Per the process laid out in Proposal #27, upon the event of the proposal #27 being adopted Solidstate was to:

  1. Convert $119 worth of the received ICP into USD with an OTC trade to receive payment for prior Solidstate audit services committed to by the ICLighthouse core team.
  2. Send the remaining ICP back to the IClighthouse DAO treasury.
  3. Submit a motion proposal to give the DAO transparency into these transactions.

This motion proposal is a confirmation from Solidstate that gives ICLighthouse DAO the promised transparency:

  • On Saturday March 23rd at 4:01:54 PM UTC the Lighthouse DAO transferred 12,000 ICP to Solidstate. (transaction record).
  • As soon as the OTC desk opened trading again on Monday March 25th at 00:56 UTC, we placed an OTC trade for 7,446.8085 ICP at $15.98/ICP for $119k. (OTC Trade Receipt)
  • Once the OTC’s wire transfer cleared our bank, we returned the remaining 4,553.1915 ICP back to the ICLighthouse treasury. (transaction record)

Please vote to adopt this motion proposal to avoid a proposal rejection penalty being applied.

With this, the full agreement between Solidstate and the ICLighthouse core team has been completed!

Thank you for working with Solidstate, it’s an honor to serve ICP SNS DAOs like ICLighthouse!



This should be kept as a record and be referenced by all next upcoming SNS projects.