Neurons have information attached

Neurons have information attached:
Psychology would suggest that the Neuron name choice, voting dedication and dissolve delay conviction tells us a lot about the unconscious, conscious on display!

Does The Fools Court and RawTech Venture show conviction or do they have a very good reason for dissolving and why then do the main neurons that so many follow show very low voting power where others and I not have included all the follow groups, 2 others here have much more voting power?

Neuron Voting Power Dissolve Delay
DFINITY 21.83153273 21.0035904

Internet Computer 21.83154101

Authur’s Neuron 26.26340402 41.3411182 50.6409012

CryptolsGood 1’436.27132201

The Fools Court 1.09637846
182 days, 15 hours - Dissolve Delay

Anvil 2.54616517

ICPMANUAL 2.01891599

Krzsztof Zelazko 1’679.23657595

RawTech Venture 25.01906549
1 year, 6 hours - Dissolve Delay

8yeargandDAO 132.84040072

John Wiegley 61.2184727

The Accumulators Neuron 3.15232659

Paul Young 20.18613174

Isacc Valadez 414.1365915

Yes, it could be that they have other neurons where most of their stake is but I find this unsettling but not sure way.

I would like others opinion about or the real reason.

I created a new neuron and added 10 ICP to it so I could submit the RegisterKnownNeuron proposal.

I don’t think there’s much you can read into these numbers.

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Hi @kvic i’m one of the voting members of The Fools’ Court and just wanted to address your question. The TFC neuron was created with a single ICP because this is the minimum required to stake and vote. The TFC neuron follows each of our voting members and votes when we’ve reached a majority decision.

As for the dissolve delay; we did this so that any funds locked in this neuron (from fundraisers, events, etc) could be released within a reasonable amount of time if/when we are able to migrate to a community controlled neuron in the future.

Regarding the conviction of our members; I won’t speak for others, but I have over 3k ICP staked in 8 year neurons and a good amount more invested into various projects in the ecosystem.

I don’t see your neuron in the followers list. Is this just the name of your neuron in your account for a day when you might want to submit a proposal on the NNS?

OK, thanks for the explanation.

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I see it here:

I see, the neuron is not called RegisterKnownNeuron it’s Paul young.

Yes, sorry, I misunderstood your question.

RegisterKnownNeuron is the proposal type.