Spawned Neuron not voting automatically


I have been trying to understand why my recently spawned neuron ISN’T voting automatically…

It was spawned already following 27 and 28, same as my other neurons, but it doesn’t vote while the others vote normally.

If I check one executed proposal, I can see that my other neurons voted but the new one didn’t, so I tried to remove all followees from the new neuron and add 27 and 28 again, hope it fixes it but still waiting new proposals.

So what may be wrong?

You may not have increased the dissolve delay?Spawned neurons currently have a dissolve delay set at 7 days and neurons with less than 6 months dissolve delay cannot vote. You’d need to manually increase this to more than 6 months for it to start voting.

Ori I already had set dissolving process for 1 year, yet a valid reminder for others reading this post, thanks.

I hope my new neuron begin automatic voting after 7 days of birth, maybe proving a possible bug.
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what is meaning of the dissolve delay

The dissolve delay is the length of time you’d have to wait once you start to unlock a neuron before you can withdraw the ICP tokens you staked inside it. Higher dissolve delays mean higher rewards, it’s designed to incentivise long term thinking when voting on proposals, which is how you earn rewards.

This article explains how to set up your neurons:

And for a bit more detail: