Need clarity re. maturity

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I am not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this question but I will try anyway.

I recently purchased some ICP tokens and staked most of them in a neuron with 220 days unlock delay (8% maturity). I have also followed the DIFINITY foundation for all voting matters. It has now been 26 days since my ICP tokens were staked. The “Automatically stake new maturity” checkbox is not checked.

  1. How often is staked maturity distributed? After 26 days Maturity still shows zero. Zero staked and Zero available.
  2. It is my understanding that maturity that is not automatically staked is placed into separate neuron. How soon is it available for withdrawal from that newly created neuron?

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You can ask AI

How often is staked maturity distributed ?

Staked maturity is not distributed at specific intervals. Instead, it accumulates as a result of your participation in governance voting on the Internet Computer. When you stake your ICP in a neuron, you earn voting rewards in the form of maturity. This staked maturity adds voting power to your neuron, which means your voting rewards are going up because you are compounding your rewards.

However, the staked maturity will not be minted as ICP until you fully dissolve and disperse the full stake of ICP in your neuron. When you are ready to harvest rewards from your governance participation, you can stop staking maturity automatically and allow it to accumulate. Any time you have more than 1.05 maturity, you can spawn a neuron to liquidate that maturity as ICP[1].

It’s also worth noting that the maturity of a neuron refreshes once per day with the rewards from the previous day[^2^].

  1. Forum Post: Where is the new staked maturity? > Official Answer [^2^]: What is maturity in terms of the Internet Computer? Part 1 ↩︎

Hi Romulus,

Thank you for your answer.

I am however still somewhat confused.

  1. I have followed DIFINITY for all voting matters. Is this sufficient for the voting to take place and maturity to be earned?
  2. I did NOT automatically stake maturity and would like to harvest % rewards in the form of ICP. Why, is my reward still shows zero after 27 days?
  3. How often does voting take place?

Thank you!!!

You can follow named neurons and can also vote on your own as and when you get time. You get 1 maturity a day for around 2500 ICP staked (I may be off in numbers but not scale).
You do not have to stake maturity. Staking maturity is a way to reinvest your yield without incurring a tax event (not tax advice) as it’s not ICP yet.