Nano S hardware integration - idea about improvement

@jwiegley @diegop @hpeebles
I watched the video released about the integration of Nano S ledger hardware. This is great.
My opinion is that the SEED recovery phrase is the weakest point for security. Screen recording, etc… I removed mine and replace with a Yubikey instead. My biggest concern is if, for some reason, someone access your identity app , remove all your devices and install his devices. Then you loose everything.
Would it be a good idea to have confirmation with a Nano S (or other cold hardware wallet) each time you want remove or add a new device? Exactly the same as for other functions you have programmed.
Since you have your seed phrase for a Nano S directly from the hardware, these seed phrase are much more secure. And you would need the hardware device in your hand to remove or add new devices.
For me, it would increase security to the maximum possible level.


I don’t think that will be a problem. Nobody can access those ICP that with your ledger even if they replace the device with other device. Attach ledger just a way to manage your account in nns, not give the access to nns.

It has been proven that we never have enough security and whatever can be secure more should be. Event Google and Outlook ask for a 2AF if you want add them to one of your new device. The highest possible security is a top selling argument too. No downside, only good upside to me.
Never forget that, for whatever reason a genius hacker would have access to your identity account, you have no centralized manager to send an email to and fix the situation. Decentralized is great but need the maximum security possible.