Named Neuron Proposal - The Fools' Court

Named Neuron Proposal - The Fools’ Court

Hello everyone,

I am submitting this proposal on behalf of The Fools’ Court (TFC). If you are not familiar with TFC I would ask that you please take a moment to read our original announcement.

Who are we?


I am a husband, a father of 2, and an engineer. I am an Embedded Systems Architect by occupation, with a focus on Cybersecurity & Anti-Tamper. I joined the Internet Computer (IC) community just prior to the genesis event. I am a proud member of the 8 year gang, and I am strong advocate for decentralization through community representation. I do not believe in absolutes, but I do have strong convictions. I cannot promise that I will always vote the same way. What I can promise is that I will always vote for what I believe to be in the best interest of the network and our community.

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Andrew Weed

I am a staunch privacy and sentient rights advocate. I will always vote with my convictions. I’m for the decentralization of information and technology, because that coincides with individual sovereignty and freedom. I will always vote for increasing the security of the Internet Computer.

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Creator of JudgementDAO, which is currently developing a practical, fair, unbiased and professional community-driven approach to project evaluations.

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Why do we want to become a named neuron?

The development team is at a bit of a crossroads. We want the court to have representation on the NNS, but the technology that enables true community ownership of a neuron is just not ready yet. The political landscape on the NNS is very amenable to new named neurons. We are very excited for these new community champions, but we fear that this dynamic could change dramatically before the court has a chance to create our neuron. For this reason, the development team would like to sponsor the registration of a TFC neuron that will act as a temporary voting neuron until such time that we can replace it with the permanent one.

How would that work?

The current team neuron will be registered as “The Fools’ Court” on the NNS. Eventually, we will create a canister-controlled neuron and pass control of it to our DAO. At that time, we will configure the team neuron to follow the DAO-controlled neuron. Afterwards, we will petition the NNS to remove the old neuron from the list and replace it with the new neuron. By doing so, we can effectively migrate our existing followers to the DAO neuron while we wait for them to update their follower settings. All new followers would simply select “The Fools’ Court” from the NNS and start following the DAO neuron.

Neuron Information

Neuron ID: 7766735497505253681

The temporary neuron has been configured to follow Weed, Pwo, and I on all governance proposals and ICDevs for technical proposals. We intend to invite additional voting members to join our temporary neuron. These additional members will be announced if/when they accept.

This serves two purposes:

  1. Provide a stronger guarantee that the neuron will always vote.
  2. Better represent the community’s interests.

What are we trying to build (what is TFC)?

There will be two major components of TFC:

The Governance System

The primary objective of The Fools’ Court is to advance and maintain decentralization of the NNS. If you were to classify the NNS as a layer 1 governance network, then TFC would be a layer 2 governance solution. We believe that (eventually) the cost of ICP will become so great that the average citizen won’t be able to contribute meaningfully on the NNS. The TFC DAO will provide an alternative staking solution that provides an incentive for even the smallest contributor. At the same time, we want to use TFC as a proving ground for advanced governance techniques that can’t be easily implemented on the NNS.

Community Services

In order to grow our community and sustain our operations we intend to offer low cost services for developers in the ecosystem. This can be anything from a barebones NFT launchpad to a shared DAO infrastructure. All services will be placed under control of the DAO and funds will be deposited in a community managed treasury.

Disclaimer: Nothing described above exists today. All contributions are being made by ourselves, our partners, and our community members. If you are interested in helping us achieve our vision please reach out.


You will have my vote for sure.

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