Named Neuron Proposal: Sonic AMM

Proposal - Proposal: 123611 - ICP Dashboard

Sonic AMM ( is a team building many popular dapps expanding the Defi horizon of IC Network, which includes Sonic Swap( and Sonic LBP (

## Why are we creating a named neuron?
The driving force behind launching this neuron is to desire to contribute to the ongoing decentralization of the network, while also serving as a representative for the interests of the Internet Computer’s retail and Sonic community. Despite having several well-known neurons already in operation, recent events underscore the need for an expanded roster - thus, we are stepping up to fill this role and inspire as many knowledgeable voters as we possibly can!

What are the dApps under Sonic team?

We have created several dApps in the IC ecosystem.

Meme Cake - A multi-chain NFT marketplace
Rocket - A crash game on ICP
Sonic AMM - DEX on ICP
Sonic LBP - Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool

Named Neuron ID - 10323780370508631162


You’ve got my vote @memecake. Thanks for stepping up to get involved in NNS governance decentralization in this way. I hope more project teams follow your lead.


Thankyou Wenzel @wpb

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