Named Neuron Proposal - The Accumulators’ Neuron

Named Neuron Proposal - The Accumulators’ Neuron

Who Am I?
Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to read my Named Neuron Proposal, I’m Accumulating.icp - I’m 20 years old, and work at a CNC shop designing autoCAD blueprints. I’ve been involved in the Internet Computer Ecosystem since Genesis, and have luckily had the chance to watch our ecosystem flourish into what it is now. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of being able to call myself a; Founder, Holder, Developer, and end-user within in our ecosystem. I am a proud member of the 8 year gang, a DeFi fanatic, and most importantly, an accumulator.

Twitter - @accumulatingicp

What are my Intentions with the Named Neuron?
My motivation behind this neuron is to contribute to the further decentralization of the network, while simultaneously providing a followee that I believe will represent the best interests of retail & Accumulators of the Internet Computer. While we have a few great named neurons, recent events have shown that we desperately need more - so I’ve decided to take on this role to encourage as many informed voters as possible!

How will Governance work?
The Accumulators’ Neuron will only vote in regards to governance topics - all topics other than governance will be delegated to the DFINITY Foundation, until a trusted, third-party named-neuron exists for the purpose of auditing DFINITYs code. Similarly, in the instance I am unable to vote on a governance topic, the vote will be delegates to a trusted, third-party named neuron. In regards to how I will vote on a topic, I will preface a conversation (on DSCVR or Taggr) regarding the proposal, and give my opinion on it. These discussions will always begin with an informed opinion, that has been considered to reflect the best interests of the Accumulators of the Internet Computer. The topic will then be open for discussion, until we feel as though a general consensus / understanding has been reached (meaning I’m open to having my opinion changed), which will influence how the Named Neuron votes.

Neuron ID


Thanks for posting who you are and what you plan to do. Would you please post the neuron ID you plan to use so we know its you when the NNS proposal comes out?

Also, would you please help me understand what recent events have caused this sudden interest for so many people and organizations to start creating named neurons? I’m very interested in how and why the psychology has changed. In my mind, having more named neurons has always been a desperate need because it is critical for decentralization. What do you think was the roadblock and why is it now lifted?


Forsure! Looks like I accidentally grabbed the wrong ID.

As to the recent surge of Named Neurons, I don’t think it was so much of a barrier / blockade preventing new ones from being created - but rather people being content with the system we had, as there hadn’t been any controversy regarding it before the Psychedelic “uproar”. However I believe that’s what it comes down to - during the ICRC / Psychedelic “debate”, it came to light that just five named neurons are responsible for 40% of the voting power. While this isn’t a majority, in my opinion, this is far from optimal, and I believe many others also noticed this - so perhaps something good came out of that entire spectacle.


Thanks for the explanation. It’s definitely interesting how a proposal like ICRC-1 that was not even close could bring out such a psychological change in the community whereas other recent proposals that were close such as community fund, prioritization, and tactical spam fix did not seem to stimulate that reaction.

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I think it has to do with the fact that ICRC had an immediate effect, which directly impacted Psychedelic - who then used their platform to voice concerns loud enough the entire ecosystem heard them. Past proposals you’ve mentioned (with the exclusion of tactical spam proposal fix), still are not in effect to this day. The SNS & Community Fund are still in development, and the “affected audience” haven’t truly seen the effect yet.

Could be inaccurate, just thinking outloud.

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Governance motion proposals do not implement code changes. Hence, the ICRC-1 proposal in reference (74740) has not changed anything yet. To your point though, since DFINITY submitted that proposal, history has shown that they will probably submit the proposal type that does have code changes when they are ready and will almost immediately vote to approve. Their vote will cast 98% of total voting power in the NNS via liquid democracy due to default following of All Topics. The Governance proposal is usually considered “approval” for DFINITY to implement at some time in the future when they initiate a Governance proposal.