My NNS has been stolen,Please help me

No I can’t see that. The only thing I know for sure is that the seedphrase he currently has is a correct seedphrase but not the the correct seedphrase.

when querying the II identity canister there are also no backup security keys tied to the account

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@Fulco Do you know where the total-funds are? What bout if we track the funds from the date that he bought the icp and see which principals moved it. The ledger stores the transactions.


Hey Levi,

xiaobing can share the information about what the specific transactions/funds we are talking about himself If he wants to. It doesn’t seem right for me to do that for him.

I do. I just withdraw the proceeds from the pledge every few days, and within two months I lost control of the account

32,000 ICPs were pledged for 8 years

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It is possible. They are saying they don’t have the time. Right now the ledger only gives the historic blocks in protobuff for some reason (btw if anyone on dfinity has a reason why they couldn’t make the historic blocks into a candid interface at the beginning? I am curious.) also I think only one block at a time is queryable at this time which makes it take more time to track transactions. They are saying in 2-3 weeks they will have a better api for the historic blocks on the ledger, that will make it simple enough to track your funds. Once you track your funds from the original purchase, you’ll see where they are. Then maybe you can make a nns-proposal to get them back. This is the whole point of a ledger. Here , can you post here the original date of your purchase and the full amount of the original purchase(s) and the principal that made the original purchase(s) and any other transfer of the funds that you made and that you know about since that time.

The ICP I pledged has been transferred from my binance account, and the income generated by the pledge has also been withdrawn to my binance account. I can provide the KYC of my binance account, which I think is enough to prove that the account is mine.

Doesn’t seem right for you to share the transactions data? Or to track the funds for him?

As for the proof materials, I think it is more appropriate to submit them to Dfinity, what do you think?

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My English is not good. Please forgive me if I offended you when I spoke. Here I sincerely apologize

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I’m willing to make an effort for this, but I don’t know exactly how to do it

Hey Levi,

I’m actually just someone from support who knows how to program. However I believe this is something which is on the teams mind.

Ok, the KYC data you can save for when you make an nns-proposal after you find where the funds are. Let’s start with the

  • date (& time if you have it) that you transferred the funds out of your binance account into the internet-identity/nns
  • full amount transferred, (if it was in more that one transaction then say each transaction and the amount of it.
  • the principals of the transaction: for and by

You can get this data from your binance account should have a history.

Do you just post it here? Would it be unsafe? I met a lot of scammers when I went into Discord for help

It is safe , those three pieces of data are safe to publicize. Keep your passwords and private-keys with your self though.

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Ok, thank you for your help. I will prepare all transaction records of this account in these two days. Does that mean I can take all the trade records and make a proposal

Yes. When there is a trace of the money from when it left your binance to where it is now then you can make a proposal to put it back into your controll. Of course the community and the nns-vote will vote on whether they think that you are telling the truth or not with a base on the trade-records and the other evidence that you show.

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Ok, thanks again for your help

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We can follow the money on the It could be simple.

We may be looking at a collision of some thing.

Two more things that will help:

  • the last date & time (best you know) you were able to use the ii with the success
  • the first date and time that the ii didnt work for your keys anymore