Multi page front end and plug wallet in canister

Hi, I have created a react front end to work with the hello world backend from the quickstart tutorial and deployed it locally to a front and back end canister.

I want my front end to be multi-page and am rendering this from my App.js file user BrowserRouter like so

return (
                <Route path="/" element={<Home principal={principal} setPrincipal={setPrincipal} />} />
                <Route path="/home" element={<Home principal={principal} setPrincipal={setPrincipal} />} />
                <Route path="/about" element={<About principal={principal} setPrincipal={setPrincipal} />} />


However, when I try to redirect to the page (such as home from a click on the logo which I have as a href to ‘/home’) I see this error: Cannot GET /home

And the console shows: GET http://localhost:8080/home 404 (Not Found)

This is the same when deploying the canisters and viewing the frontend or running npm start. Any ideas how to resolve this? Thank you

The principle that you can see here is for the plug wallet that I am trying to add connection to from my front end that I also need to add persistence so that the user stays connected on refresh and across pages

For anyone who runs into this problem in the future, I simply needed this setting DevServer | webpack

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I want to transfer my ICPs from the binace cex exchange to my plug wallet and buy some NFT. However, the ICP network is not recognized on Binance. This is a big shortcoming. I appeal to the management of ICP, solve this problem urgently. The vast majority of crypto traders are on Binance.

I can see ICP on Binance: 3.854 | ICPUSDT | Binance Spot.

binance plug does not recognize your wallet


The withdrawal address format is wrong. Please check the withdrawal address length and character content and try again

It expects an ICP Ledger account ID. What you’ve given is a principal. You can log into e.g. the NNS and copy your account ID out of there. To see how a ledger account looks like, have a look at recent transactions.