Is there any way of developing ICP app that requires NFT supporting wallet(s) locally right now?

I am trying to figure out a way of setting up possibility of using either Plug or Stoic wallet(s) locally to work with the locally deployed ledger canister. I believe both of these (for Plug I am sure, for Stoic I don’t know as there is no documentation) only support regular (main) ledger wallet that is on the main ICP network. Is there, currently, any way of setting up project locally and having possibility to test out things by using wallets that interact with the locally deployed ledger canister or am I stuck with either:

  1. Deploying app to main network as I go (and regularly re-deploying to update code in the previously deployed canister to update it with bugfixes and new functionalities as the development goes by)
  2. Waiting for Plug wallet to release it’s functionality to use the locally deployed ledger canister (which they said is coming in some weeks).

Also… let’s say I go with Plug wallet that interacts with the live ledger canister but I am developing my app locally… Is it possible to use Plug wallet connected to the main ledger canister that is on mainnet while having everything else setup locally? ie: if I do transactions, they would actually be live and I would use real ICP (only make my canister ICP costs for buying things really low so that I don’t transfer too much ICP when doing them), or is this just my imagination and it’s either all local or all on mainnet?

I guess if the above is possible to do, I wouldn’t be able to actually use things from the mainnet ledger canister (like transaction_notification callback in my locally deployed canister to listen for when a tx has been sent to it), because those two canisters don’t know about each other?

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Just bumping this to see if anyone has any comment on it because I need a general idea of how this might be done right now.