"404 Not Found" error when trying to access the url of my frontend canister after successfully deploying

I have just finished creating my little todo app with a motoko backend and react frontend, locally everything is working fine, I can deploy my canisters and use them fine but after deploying the project on the icp networkt with the command “dfx deploy --network ic”, the deployement is successfull, the backend canister url is working but on my front-end canister url thats where I am getting 404 error when I try to access it. What could be the problem?
This is my github repo for the little project. Thank you in advance to those that will help.

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This is most likely because of this change: [FOLLOW UP ON ITEM] New canisters will only be accessible through the icp0.io domain. Existing canisters will be accessible both through ic0.app and icp0.io

dfx before version 0.14.0 (which released yesterday) only prints the old URL under which your newly created canister is not accessible anymore. Simply change ic0.app to icp0.io and you should be good to go


Thank you, this worked