Motoko - NFT with Approve and Transaction Log - An ICRC7/30/30 Canister

ICRC 7(Base NFT), 30(Approve workflow), and 3(Transaction Log) are reaching final draft status. The following classes allow you to easily add the functionality from these standards to your motoko actor:

GitHub - PanIndustrial-Org/ ICRC7 implementation in motoko. - Supports minting, burning, transferring of NFTs

GitHub - PanIndustrial-Org/ ICRC30 Implementation in motoko - Supports the Approve, ApproveCollection, and TransferFrom workflow

GitHub - PanIndustrial-Org/ - Supports a transaction log, including the creation of archive canisters that can store up to 96GB of transaction log data.

The following example puts them all together in a demo canister:

All are open sourced and MIT Licensed. It would be helpful to have community eyes on them and to develop a community audit procedure so that the classes can be certified as safe for production use.

Pull requests and issues are welcome.


Nice work. Always good to see Motoko development
Would be awesome if you could throw them on GitHub - motoko-unofficial/awesome-motoko: A curated list of Motoko code and resources.

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Done. Also bumped everything in mops as the working group updated some of the metadata keys today.

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