Motoko Items Comparison Table

Hey all,

While researching Motoko to write this beginners guide I came up with this table.

Feedback on this table and / or the guide would be much appreciated.

Is this table a good idea at all?

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Great idea! The guide is looking solid so far as well. As a quick suggestion, perhaps the “Options and Results” page would be a good place to mention the do ? { ... } option block syntax, since it’s a rather commonly used pattern which new developers might not realize is part of the language.

Looking forward to seeing more of your progress over time! Definitely let us know if you have any other questions or if you notice anything that seems to be missing from the official documentation.


Option blocks, together with labeled loops, break, continue, null breaks syntax is on my considerations list. Just trying not to overload until a first concise version.

I already included suggestions from @claudio

thank you!

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