Motoko codes are not updating with dfx deploy

The motoko code is not updating even after dfx deploy. I erase the default greet function and I write my own function. However dfx canister call name function tells me that it failed to update call though the function was public . When I check in the candid, They have the old greet function running… Mail me at to notify about any possible solution.

  1. If I have any problem with file system or such, I am ready to use dfx deploy --playground ,but it gave me frontend error when i followed as the documents of dfinity.
    Local deployment just shoves the greet function and nothing about those I create. It has been 10+ hours now.

Have you tried to run dfx generate? It seems like you might be using older Candid-type declarations.

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I am sorry. I just didn’t SAVE THE FILES. That is why the functions didn’t update with the changes I made. Everything else is running fine. The course I had taken used an old version of dfinity where she didn’t save the files, or may be she did but didn’t mention. Since I use java with eclipse ide, I don’t have a habit of saving before I compile. I updated dfx and now even dfx start doesn’t show too many notifications. Thanks for the prompt reply…

Well I would be eager to use dfx playground. May I know whether first I need to deploy locally once before I use dfx deploy --playground?

Local is completely separate from the playground. No need to deploy locally