Release Notes for V0.4.11

Hello, community!

V0.4.10 has been promoted to V0.4.11 to include a fix to make your front-end development experience even better! :tada:

  • Basic support for front-end development using node.js and webpack module bundler.
    New projects now include webpack configuration and additional files, if either node is installed or --frontend is used. Node dependencies will automatically be installed. dfx build will run npm run build if a package.json file is present. Note that this feature is still experimental and additional functionality and documentation will be added soon.

  • A new dfx upgrade command checks for the latest version and upgrades your dfx installation if a newer version of dfx is found.

  • Creating a new project with dfx new will create a directory and folders with the corresponding name.
    Previously, you had to rename all of your source and canister directories from hello to your project name.

  • You can specify the format of the configuration file output as json or text, with json being the default, using --format option with dfx config

  • Project naming restrictions have been added to ensure that project names are valid when used in JavaScript, Motoko, and other contexts.
    The most notable change you will find is there is no longer support for dashes - . All projects within the tutorials have been changed to use an underscore _ .

  • Motoko now supports pattern matching with type-annotated object fields.
    Pattern matching with type-annotated object fields is useful if you are writing a function that takes a record as input and the record fields so that you want to use the field names as bindings (local variable names). However, because type inference is not possible in this case, you must provide types for the fields.

  • New tutorials have been added to provide additional guidance to new developers and include more sample code.

You can also access these release notes here: