Motoko extension for VSCode!

I hacked this little extension together to get code completion and compiler warnings with the dfx _language-service command.

This has been only tested on 0.5.2 and assumes your dfx binary lives in /usr/local/bin/dfx (this should be easy to fix). If you need to change the directory, use

  • which dfx to get the correct path
  • open ~/.vscode/extensions/motoko-lsp-client.motoko-lsp-client-{the-current-version-of-the-extension}/client/out/extension.js
  • modify the path in line 12 to the output of which dfx
  • safe the file and exit
  • restart vscode

It also only works for projects with only one canister specified in dfx.json (but this shouldn’t be to hard to fix). If you want realtime feedback from the server, not only when you manually save your file, go to

  • vscode settings
  • Files:AutoSave
  • set to afterDelay
  • Tweak the Files: Auto Save Delay to your preferences.

The code is open source, feel free to jump in! It is very heavily inspired from this.

Note: the dfx _language-service is not (afaik) officially supported yet. There will very likely be a way better client provided by dfinity itself which will render this obsolete. This is for people that don’t want to wait :slight_smile: !

It would be great if anyone wants to collaborate on the two issues mentioned above! Enjoy


Nicely done Moritz, you have been busy!


The path to dfx isnt hardcoded anymore! No need for ugly hacks :slight_smile:
Make sure you download the newest version, there has also been a namechange to “motoko” instead of “motoko-lsp-client” (which was a bit long and hard to understand).