Megathread: Community Submissions for DFINITY Foundation’s Roadmap

Please add node shuffling to the list of proposals. Periodically swapping out the node members of a subnet may be critical to thwarting attacks from node operators, and would help the Internet Computer to obtain a sort of global security, as security would become a network effect as more nodes are added to the network. Right now adding more nodes to the network does not make the network as a whole more secure, those nodes only increase the security of the subnets they are being added to.

My discussions about node shuffling:


Consider creating an Internet Computer Improvement Proposal process (IIP).

I really love the discussion and input that is being fostered in the forum right now, and as time goes on I think adopting a more formal process such as the BIP or EIP processes would lead to a lot of positive outcomes.

I really like the name IIP (Internet Computer Improvement Proposal).


Consider adding the x.509 certificate authority stuff Dominic has been discussing.


Consider adding a change to the tokenomics of the NNS that would incentivize neurons to gain followers. See here for more details:


Consider adding social recovery to the Internet Identity. It would be excellent for users to create their own personal trust networks, allowing other IIs to have the power to regenerate lost IIs or have other powers, controlled by the creator of the II.

The fact that II cryptographic information is only stored on locally-owned devices is quite scary…one natural disaster, one bad encounter on the street, etc could result in a lost II. It needs to be decentralized.


Consider adding a large-scale and ongoing bug bounty program. I believe DFINITY now has a responsible security vulnerability disclosure process, which is one excellent step in the right direction. But I think DFINITY should also allocate a large amount of funds towards rewarding those who responsibly disclose security vulnerabilities. I think this program warrants multiple millions of dollars towards responsible disclosure.

I am not confident the system is secure when it has only been looked over by members of the Foundation, or those close to them (I assume this has been the case, I could be wrong).


Consider putting resources towards (possibly through grants) bringing the vast ecosystem of web developers to the IC through excellent JavaScript/TypeScript support. This could be achieved in multiple ways:

  • AssemblyScript CDK
  • Compilation of V8 to WebAssembly, essentially creating a Node.js for the Internet Computer

I don’t think the network effects of the web should be underestimated, and JavaScript/TypeScript is the language of the web.

Imagine the floodgates of developers that would come if they could simply bring all of their current JavaScript knowledge and tooling directly to the IC. Having to learn Motoko, Rust, or C/C++ is a major hindrance.


Bech32 Address for wallets and exchages

Many thanks to the Dfinity team for taking this step toward more inclusive governance! All the proposals suggested here so far sound to me like excellent ideas.

Needless to say, many of the ideas floated in recent weeks for future development are very exciting - the Service Nervous System, direct integrations with Bitcoin/Ethereum, Endorphin, etc. But for what it’s worth, I think that the priorities right now should be security first, reducing barriers to developer adoption second, governance third, and the more exciting differentiators later. With that in mind, special +1 to the following proposals here, in order of preference:

1. Security
a. Node shuffling
b. Bug bounty program

2. Developer Adoption
a. JavaScript/TypeScript support
b. Motoko base library extension
c. Inter-canister query calls

3. Governance
a. IC Improvement Proposal process
b. Incentivizing neurons to gain followers


Message scheduler. I have heard that this is in the works, but would like to see more details.


Motoko autoformatter. Opinionated, with minimal configuration, with VS Code integration.


Staying on top of WebAssembly evolution (multi-value, multi-memory, reference types) would be nice.


I think we could all greatly benefit from Internet Identity improvement in terms of cross-canister integration. Right now there is no way to login to different apps preserving the same identity, but there are a lot of use cases when it is a requirement.


I echo the desire to put security first


Consider organising idea submission and brainstorming on IdeaScale. Example is, but varying it to suit how NNS voting works.
Also, consider developing a replacement for Uber, that different communities can create their own driver ecosystems on out-of-the-box, probably with their own community token for their own governance, and beating Uber in terms of how much the driver goes home with.


That is our general intent.


I agree @ayjayem . Thank you for being patient :wink:

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Great point, Joachim.

Very reasonable and I agree

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These are all great proposals.

I have an idea for a small proposal and that would be to add the cycle_dao neuron ID to the auto-populated list of neurons in the NNS app.