May I ask the reason for the 0.005% increase in one day

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Is it normal to increase by 0.005% in 1 day?

Normal? No. You should be getting much more than that. I think your neuron is following properly. Are you manually voting on governance proposals or following a neuron that would? (E.g., ICPMN)

This is how I have mine setup:

4966884161088437903 - All Topics Except Governance + Governance
27 - All Topics Except Governance
28 - All Topics Except Governance

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Thanks for your response, I follow DFINITY daily check manual vote, let me try your follow option

It is important to unfollow Dfinity and ICA for governance, because if the majority of the neurons you follow abstain from voting on a proposal, you get no credit. I was following Dfinity, ICA and Cycle Dao for everything, thinking that, as long as cycle-dao voted on governance I would get credit even if Dfinity and ICA abstained. But the system is set up in such a way that the majority of neurons you follow have to vote for you to gain from that vote.


Is there a way to see how many neurons are following certain neurons? I.e. can I see how many neurons (count and voting power) are following Dfinity foundation, ICA, Cycle DAO, etc ?

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I only follow one maybe the problem will be solved?

But you wrote that you follow Dfinity. That will not work for governance votes. Even if you vote manually, that will mean, as far as I understand, that because Dfinity abstains, only one vote out of two is cast, which is not a majority. You need to unfollow Dfinity on governance, plus vote manually on every governance vote to get rewards. Or else, unfollow Dfinity and follow one of the named neurons that does vote on governance.

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Thank you for your reply, can I follow DFINITY+ICP MAX at the same time and let ICP MAX vote? Or do I have to unfollow DFINITY?

Unfollow Dfinity for governance. But keep following it for everything else. Please check the image posted by anonymous on this thread, you can copy that.

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