Marketing- Initial Analysis for a Brighter 2023

Q: What do you think of DFINITY Marketing?

A: I think it would be a great idea!

I’m a new member- since I cannot seem to post a thread of my own until I post a few times, I’ll paste this in a couple of threads until I can get my own.

After 18 months of pure frustration have built up, I had to write a post. I hope it will be considered with an open mind. My intention is not to disparage but to raise awareness of some issues as I see them and to finally speak my mind, even if it’s as anon.

Of course, it’s a bear market, and of course, it can be argued that we got ICPerped by FTX.

But forever playing the victim doesn’t allow for introspection and growth, and whether true or not, it doesn’t do us any good moving forward.

DFINITY has a vast funding reserve. Why isn’t any of it being spent effectively on marketing? Is there even any intention to market properly?

Has anyone heard of Fastblocks? Me neither.

All jokes aside, DFINITY spent a ton of money on this venture yet doesn’t market it. I have never seen Fastblocks articles shared anywhere. At the time of writing, the Twitter has a whopping 378 followers.

Today they published FIVE articles- that would be a minimum of $250 outlay for ZERO return. I counted 19 (might be more) articles published in the last week. That’s $3800 a month. With Editor/management salaries, who knows how much you’re talking? It’s not cheap, though. And it’s not efficient.

Why publish five articles in a day? I cannot see any sense in it. Even the world’s biggest fan wouldn’t read five articles in one day on a publication. Not to mention, it gets lost and bogged down in any social sharing. Where would you even start? Maybe that’s one of the reasons why it’s never shared.

What exactly does Dfinity Special Projects do other than provide us with photos of members grinning in the Headquarters in Palo Alto and Zurich, giving us snack updates? Even they don’t take their role seriously. I’ve seen a podcast once in a while (with no traction) I’m genuinely not trying to be facetious here- I have no idea what any of the team actually does. I see no content creation. Once in a while, a small ‘event’ perhaps, but if that’s all it amounts to, much better off putting the money into DFINITY booths at EXPOs to build networks and partnerships. At least something might come of that.

I shudder to think how much has been spent on these little ventures with all the flights, salaries, and not to mention beer and snacks :blush: As if that isn’t enough, individuals are then shilling their projects as an attempted little side earner. Wait, are you trying to teach me something about the IC or shilling your shitty JPEGs?

It all stinks of a High Society Club, and guess what? Most of us aren’t invited, especially retail.

If you think the photos of individually lording it up (rather than any proof of work) are insensitive, how about the obligatory monthly banquet photo, complete with champers, cake, and foie gras? They might as well be drinking the tears of retail and dining on broken dreams.

It screams of disconnect and not understanding the community ethos. People are hurting. NOBODY except seed is in profit. Seed investors will not carry the project forward. They have already dumped or are in the process of dumping their bags.

This insensitivity is carried further with the whole ‘clique’ vibe that DFINITY gives off.

The community is not stupid and has understood this. They feel excluded. Projects, too, except the lucky few that are clearly favored, not necessarily because of their competence, but because they are part of the clique.

Don’t even get me started on grants. The amount of waste I have seen being spunked on ‘metaverse’ NFT projects that, in reality, were junk rip-offs that amounted to nothing was insane. 25k for an Angry bird rip-off that never materialized is just one example amongst many.

Another example was 50k for a ‘Youtuber’ with no followers who literally had some paper taped to the wall behind him with ‘like and subscribe’ scrawled on it made me wonder whether to laugh or give up (nothing against the guy, and good luck to him (50k gift seems like a great deal of luck)).

Some initial ideas, moving forward:

  • Get rid of special projects and restructure it as ‘Project Support Team’ and allocate resources accordingly to projects after interviews- fuse this with grant allocations- this will also ensure KPIs are being met consistently.

  • Purchase PR packages/YouTube Influencer videos when something of gravity needs to be disseminated. Stop being so stubborn. We need network effects.

  • Speaking of network effects, why are there no attempts to coordinate marketing or create cross-chain partnerships?

  • Why isn’t Dom’s Twitter more carefully vetted and professionalized? He literally went off on a ‘Solana Paid FUDDER,’ which was literally set up as a satire account (which was admittedly hilarious).

  • Create a sense of community. Be more inclusive.

  • Support projects with time and human capital. Don’t just throw money and hope it sticks.

  • Clear up all this governance mess one way or another. Any time DFINITY trends, you know shit has gone down.

  • Fastblocks needs total reorganization or, better still, dissolution where something better takes its place.

  • A new marketing division needs to be created. Performance-related pay should be initiated and connected to KPIs. A cull of oxygen thieves ought to be conducted.

  • DFINITY employees must agree not to market their own projects and to focus on the brand itself. They also ought to be impartial and promote official DFINITY-endorsed projects, only (Project Support team/grant recipients).


I read your post, great points. I however think you should work on being less emotional and more logical. Emotions drown logic


Thanks for your reply.
The overwhelming emotion that spurred the creation of this post is frustration, 18 months worth, and a conviction that nothing will change in the current climate. I needed that to be heard. You’re right, though, that ordinarily, I would exercise less…direct language, but I think that falls on deaf ears.
If there are ‘great points,’ I guess there is some logic buried in there.


Now that the IC is cryptographically integrated with Bitcoin, can we receive a rundown of Dfinity’s current press releases and marketing strategies for this milestone in blockchain history?


There is a lot of stuff that happens that is not immediately visible… right now I do not think anyone is actually in charge of marketing. I think they might be re-organizing for growth and marketing for 2023.

Whoever does take the reins of ‘marketing’ should do a community intro, pitch a plan, and work of solid KPI.

Should the goal still be about dev adoption or changed to focus more on business adoption?


I agree; nothing is visible. An invisible marketing dept, though I think it’s conjecture to say a lot of stuff is going on behind the scenes. Sadly, there’s no evidence of this.
What happened to Eva, the marketing guru from Cardano who was going to spur growth?
Special Projects was brought in to try to bolster community projects (I presume? It’s extremely ambiguous what they are meant to do as nothing has been accomplished that accounts for the large amounts of funding.

I sincerely hope that this is not the extent of the marketing dept moving forward.
Some special mentions should be given to a few people- 6figs is clearly good at what he does , and Herbert Yang makes the best effort he can as one individual with the Chinese community. Credit where it’s due.

Changed, 100%.
It’s far too myopic as it is. We need outreach and network effects- devs will follow the money and noise.


Technology is primarily necessary for development, not distribution.
Even in the bubble era, advertising was obviously wasteful.
The only way to continue growing sustainably is through viral marketing.
But we needs something to trigger it.

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I understand the lack of marketing. Priority is product over marketing.
However, in the absence of marketing, your “face of dfinity” has left a power vacuum that has been filled by people who arent always in the best light.

Bitboy has some controversy, but atleast he’s onboard now
6figs is doing a great job, and probably the only one worth a damn at the moment.
Cryptoisgood has wound down and seems out of it.

And then any avenue where there might be outreach in communities, it becomes extremely indian. While its great there are some interest from the third world, they have sort-of taken over ruthless shilling of awful projects/nfts in the ground game across the internet.

Reddit is an astroturfed hellhole.
Dscvr is a handful of indian villages upvoting eachothers comments.
Telegram is more of the same

How about some actual content and marketing. 30sec-2 min videos. Videos, digestible content, simple graphics, pushes at legislatures, pushes at industry.

You have a disruptive technology that is poised to dethrone a legacy system. Its the golden ticket.
Act like it.


Bitcoin Renegade well embodies both the unconquered spirit and the bewildered marketing of ICP.

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If a YouTuber is being paid to promote icp, it should be someone like whiteboard crypto who makes simple colorful vids that are easily digestible by the wider crypto audience. Take a look at his channel and imagine a vid about icp and how it would look.

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good luck trying lol, I had already drafted a rough document and sent it to them last October. SEO is literally non existent. And they copy pasted nuance protocol with different branding.

Proposal to initiate Work to Earn model?

haha all press is good press, Right?

This is a good partnership. Wish the Dfinity business dev / marketing teams had tied up a couple of dozen more such since Genesis. Still, it is a start and maybe things will look up from here on.