Looking for feedback on monetizing Dfinity applications

Hi all, I’m on an innovation mission and just hoping to pick your brains… [NOT selling anything]

I am an innovation manager for a company that provides a licensing/subscription solution for software vendors - i.e. you create awesome software, our tools help you monetize it and enforce who can access what in it.

My innovation team is interested in Dfinity, so I am hoping you can help me learn:

  1. What Dfinity-built applications are being monetized already? Any examples?
  2. Do you foresee a need for a monetization tool built specifically for Dfinity applications?

Thanks, and I truly appreciate your thoughts and perspectives.

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Kicking the tires on this once. :slight_smile:

So I’ll kick back …. A point of personal preference ‘tho I would be a little bit reticent using ‘innovation’ this or that … sound inauthentic … but that is just me .

So … thru the lens of this old fella …the mission statement of decentralization UBER ALLES is a fallacy and can lead to poor side effects. Power always centralizes. It is the human condition. The best we can hope for is democratic centralism to bring about decentralization at scale so that when power inevitably centralizes it centralizes in the individual. Why that rant? It suggests the use case and perhaps if you are so inclined the overarching mission statement. Applications that centralize power in the user/individual are IMHO the requisite framework to implement your idea on this innovative blockchain supercomputer with NVRAM nodes.

So if you are all about ‘show me the money’…I will kick back with show me the idea.

I can go to the street corner and sell water bottles. It will make money … not the best idea.

The promise of this platform is you can monetize ideas without any idea or care as to how much money it would cost doing it thru legacy infrastructure. Your infrastructure is your code.

So if you were to say … ‘ I have this idea I want to monetize’ … and ask for direction … perhaps a more specific response?