Making a point system for people bridging in through Bitfinity

My popular solution and a easy way to move funds from any Ethereum/L2’s

With bitfinity we will get people to bridge over to ICP without having to go through CEX.

Then add some kind of point system (does not need to be rewarded with token airdrop but maybe an NFT)

Then talk to stargate/layerzero team and make a partnership so we become available on their bridge.

Its gonna attract so many users! Trust me, im a really well positioned airdrop hunter myself and I know a hunters mentality.

Could probably give then an NFT in the end depending on points (and this could make you eligible for an airdrop) not nothing is 100 certain when it comes to point-based trend.

What do people in here think about this? Every project out there is using this tactic ATM


I think using point system is a good way to get people using your platform. If there is anyone deserving of airdrops it’s traders who drive volume to your platform. It should be airdrop, not NFTs. No one cares about NFTs right now.