BitfinityNet EVM (GRANT) up to $25k


Whether you’re an individual looking to use one of the projects or a developer wanting to build on Bitfinity Network (EVM), now is the time to get started.:dizzy:

Bitfinity Network is a Cross-Chain EVM with smart contract extensions. Leveraging the Internet Computer’s unique capabilities, devs have the potential to create groundbreaking projects across various sectors, from DeFi and prediction markets to voting systems and cross-chain communication solutions.


✓Open-Source Adaptation: supports Solidity smart contracts and tooling (Truffle, Hardhat, Remix etc) out of the box; compatible with Metamask!

✓Optimized Performance: the efficient virtual machine rivals numerous Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, ensuring that you can build and deploy your projects with unparalleled speed and efficacy.

✓Outcalls Unleashed: Replace oracles with the Internet Computer’s (IC) HTTP outcalls
Seamless Integration: Connect with Bitcoin (and Ethereum)

✓Boundless Scalability: optimal transaction throughput and cost-efficiency with Bitfinity Network’s EVM multi-canister architecture

✓Comprehensive Support and Resources: our team has been working on a wealth of resources and documentation.

Get Started

Kickstarting the ecosystem, we will be awarding the following rewards to developers. Please make sure to join the discord channel and introduce yourself in the “Dev Discussion Channel” tagging Moderator “dipobitfinitynet” to get started

Please Note, Moderator dipobitfinitynet will have your details penned on acquaintance and forwarded to the appropriate Heads

Discord: Discord

See You in the Discord Server :handshake:


This is going to be massive

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