Do we know why ICPunks is deciding to do Airdrops on ETH?

According to their discord, here’s the news from the announcement:

“Free Airdrop - The airdrop for the Infinity Frogs owners will be done by the end of the year, we should have some sneak peeks next week. You will have to claim it on ETH (so pay for gas), but there will be no timeline”

I am reaching out to them ; but they seem flooded. Does anyone on the forum have an inside track as to the reason?

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Well I have a guess… this isn’t great

While might not good news in the short run, I would really like to understand the rationale; so that we can fix what is required to be fixed.

ICPunks has received substantial funding in form of grants from DFINITY; so I am hoping we (as the community on forum) can get useful and actionable insights from ICPunks.

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Hey, AIA from ICPunks here. I think you’re mistaking 2 things: ICPunks on IC and Infinity Frogs on ETH.

The airdrop for ICPunks holders will be on IC, and the airdrop for Infinity Frogs will be on ETH. As those collections live on respective blockchains.

Once we build a bridge from ETH to IC, we will also reward people that successfully “jump” over from ETH to IC with their frogs, receiving an NFT on IC.

Hope that clarifies what we’re doing.


Addding to that, our end goal is to have more people on IC and that’s why we plan on building a bridge together with rewarding people for coming with ETH collection (Infinity Frogs) to IC.