Make Nostr have the functionality of Smart Contract and More,Win-Win Cooperation and More

Looking forward to making Nostr Relay(Nostream…) have the functionality of smart contract and more, so that There will be more vitality and possibilities between Relay and Relay, Relay and various smart contracts(Canister,EVM…)
On IC, The full stack from front-end( so you can host Nostr client ,etc) to back-end (so you can host Nostr Relay …) are all more and more advanced smart contracts,so you can rebuilt + reimagined on fast and general-purpose Intelligent blockchain using smart contracts, with no need for traditional IT!

At the same time, we can use database ( sudograph , CanDB ,ic-sqlite … ) WebSockets , BTC integration , CKBTC ,ETH integration ( 1 … ) , NNS, SNS, HTTP(S) outcalls , Threshold ECDSA ,Chain Key ,ICTC , EGO ,EVMC,ZkWasm(@lastmjs …)…

So it have interoperability, composability, interactivity ,more decentralized,more safely , custom privacy and more!

This may be helpful for catalytic conversion BTC integration , SNS and more application , research ,development and innovation!
To lay the foundation for the import of traffic, talent, money and other resources. The requires to insist on co-consultation, co-build, co-share and co-market, co-business, etc.

Let’s hope we can explore together!
Thank you very much!


Can you stop editing and bumping this post up please.

Sorry if I’m bothering you, I’m making changes in response to changes in the IC ecosystem, the Nostr ecosystem and more.

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Hey @abc, I was researching nostr today and got the thought that it would be great to build a nostr client on the IC, then I found this thread :ok_hand: I think it is a great idea and it would be cool to build.

What is the current state? Are you working on this? Is it realistic already or are you waiting for some ciritcal updates that IC need to get to build it?

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Thank you very much for your work and inspiration!

I just did some research, and did not write the relevant code, I am still learning the relevant knowledge, recently did not pay too much attention to the relevant news of Nostr.
There are some limitations such as Websockets recently made some progress, I hope to help you!

Looking forward to your further research, development and innovation, etc!


Great, thanks for your reply. As web sockets seem to be the only way for nostr communication between clients and relays we should wait till web sockets are implemeneted on the IC. Then we can move forward.


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Hey @abc, thanks for sharing these. We are planning to use the grant that we won in the BTC Olympics hackathon with our Nostric project to build a Nostr client on the IC. We can talk about the details one day :slight_smile:


Is there any way we can follow along as you are building @lukevoz ?

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Absolutely! Gonna post some updates here, on Twitter, and maybe launch a community chat on OpenChat. We are going to talk with our team and Dfinity grant team this week, so we should start moving soon.


The development of encrypted DM and encrypted group chat for Nostr seems to be a difficult task, Nostric uses vetKey and given the properties of vetKey I think it would be a good solution for these. We can ensure ”forward secrecy” with a trasportkey that is only valid during the session, right?
Will there be a roadmap development in this area?

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