Make Nostr have the functionality of Smart Contract and More,Win-Win Cooperation and More

Looking forward to making Nostr Relay(Nostream…) have the functionality of smart contract and more, so that There will be more vitality and possibilities between Relay and Relay, Relay and various smart contracts(Canister,EVM…)
On IC, The full stack from front-end( so you can host Nostr client ,etc) to back-end (so you can host Nostr Relay …) are all more and more advanced smart contracts,so you can rebuilt + reimagined on fast and general-purpose Intelligent blockchain using smart contracts, with no need for traditional IT!

At the same time, we can use database ( sudograph , CanDB ,ic-sqlite … ) WebSockets , BTC integration , CKBTC ,ETH integration ( 1 … ) , NNS, SNS, HTTP(S) outcalls , Threshold ECDSA ,Chain Key ,ICTC , EGO ,EVMC,ZkWasm(@lastmjs …)…

So it have interoperability, composability, interactivity ,more decentralized,more safely , custom privacy and more!

This may be helpful for catalytic conversion BTC integration , SNS and more application , research ,development and innovation!
To lay the foundation for the import of traffic, talent, money and other resources. The requires to insist on co-consultation, co-build, co-share and co-market, co-business, etc.

Let’s hope we can explore together!
Thank you very much!


Can you stop editing and bumping this post up please.

Sorry if I’m bothering you, I’m making changes in response to changes in the IC ecosystem, the Nostr ecosystem and more.