AI and machine learning on the IC?

I think you’d need a good use case for AI on a blockchain. What does blockchain offer AI that traditional computing cannot?

One idea that’s really exciting to me is a “universal classifier”. For example, imagine some massive neural network running on the blockchain. It’s owned and controlled by no one party. Why is that good? That means people could trust it with their training data. In exchange for tokens, people around the world can provide training data, which the classifier will then validate and train on if validated, in an online setup. The more and the better the training data you provide, the more tokens you get. The tokens would be used to pay for inference.

This incentivizes people who have data but maybe don’t have ML expertise or GPU resources to contribute their data, without fear that it would be used maliciously by Big Tech. The end result would be humanity working together to create the most powerful model in the world (for a given domain), instead of the status quo where multiple corporations train with their own siloed datasets.