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Howdy Everyone,

Just your friendly neighborhood network engineer here, looking for financial independence and betting on crypto to become part of that goal.

I heard about this token today when seeing an odd coin on coinbase pro and started looking into more… roughly 10 hours later I can say I’m impressed on the scope of this project/chain/encryption methodology on key length.

Strangely enough the container sounds a lot like how Old Legacy Sonnet (Synchronous Optical containers) network infrastructure worked prior to todays Internet protocol frames and packets.

anywho, Still learning and attempting to absorb what I can from looking at ICP working as a way to develop some simple stuff like websites, and to reduce to negate ongoing subscription basted web hosting while still being routable/reachable from a traditional DNS sever.

Also looking at how I could run I guess a node of the NNS which might assist in governance to build up enough ICP tokens to stake…though from what I am reading it seems like for this token you need datacenter assets like one Wilshire out of LA.

Still, looking forward to helping where I can and generating tokens along the way.

and interesting project would be how to migrate existing protean folding applications on to the ICP blockchain, where people could then dedicate much larger processing power/cycles from the traditional botnet of home users.

Sadly my programming skills are … well , yeah.

Have a good one,

Cheer’s to finding out how deep this rabbit hole goes.


what I have found thus far:

some basic information on becoming a node provider:

The NNS web gui interface where once you have ICP tokens can stake them for more:

Current coinbase Exchange URL:

Demo Vid of deploying a website

Kyle’s CLI javascript backend to website front end builder:


This should be the time slot on the launch event where they discuss a bit about the encryption magic:

try this https://arxiv.org/pdf/1805.04548.pdf

Nifty, reading over it now. Thank you

Hi zelcova, something similar to BOINC running on the Internet Computer would make a great project. :grinning:

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