Lost OGY(Origyn) tokens while transferring from Sonic to NNS dapp


I lost my ORIGYN token while transfering from SONIC App to NNS Dapp. I am unable to find tokens on my nns dapp ORIGYN address(ki7zc-bduu7-px2t2-zvgwp-mfuwh-2bxtf-t2jmy-iul4c-rla33-i42lf-hae).
Here is my
Principle ID: n7k4s-mfogr-uiw6n-fybaz-av64m-zdpsl-jwei2-25mwq-bwy2p-qzc4c-3qe
Pricniple account: 6b1cf04766aa3a3bfe6a06cde584dc6e2d5cce42b5d3042af63cb9d8f7cef0e6.
My transaction was successful from Sonic to NNS Dapps ORIGYN address(ki7zc-bduu7-px2t2-zvgwp-mfuwh-2bxtf-t2jmy-iul4c-rla33-i42lf-hae)
I am not able find tokens in my NNS Dapp ORIGYN address. Can any please investigate and resolve the issue??

Here is my transaction details:

Here is my IC Dashboard and list of transactions :

Can anyone investigate??

NNS dapp does not support the ORIGYN token.

However, if ORIGYN uses an ICRC-1 ledger canister API, then you can use this unsupported feature in the dev console on nns.ic0.app.

__experimentalAddIcrc1Token(ledgerCanisterId, optional_indexCanisterId);

This will temporarily make the token available in the UI.
This only exists to recover lost tokens and is not recommended for general use. Use at your own risk.


This video should help : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASl04ZoN03k


Thank you @Gwojda . Can you please help me, where can i find ledgerCanister id for ORIGYN?

before the SNS, ogy ledger canister id : jwcfb-hyaaa-aaaaj-aac4q-cai
the new one is : lkwrt-vyaaa-aaaaq-aadhq-cai

Please, do not send your old OGY to nns dashboard. We are working on a swap procedure, and you’ll have to use that procedure before. Once your OGY are swapped to the new ledger, you’ll be able to see them on NNS dashboard.

So, TL;DR, if you have sent old OGY to nns dashboard, use the video provided and use ogy ledger canister id : jwcfb-hyaaa-aaaaj-aac4q-cai to get back you old OGY. Once done, wait a bit, we will release the swap procedure next week.

Thanks !


This is what I found on the console tab.

Looks different from the instructional video shared.

Any further steps from here?

Nothing in that picture looks familiar to me. Can you share a full screenshot that at least shows the NNS dapp application, the browser URL bar and the command you entered in the dev console?

I have a similar issue, but I was moving a smaller amount of liquid OGY from my plug wallet and it never arrived in my NNS wallet. Will it become available with the new update or is it lost forever?

Hey @CA1,
As i said before, old OGY token is not compatible with nns dashboard. So, to recover your OGY, please check the video i linked before. You can recover all your token.

Please note, that the old OGY token isn’t ICRC-1 (it is DIP-20), which means that this video will not work. The NNS dapp doesn’t support DIP-20 tokens.

Make sure that you only send the SNS version of OGY to the NNS dapp with the ledger canister ID : lkwrt-vyaaa-aaaaq-aadhq-cai.

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Yeah the video didn’t work, but does that mean that the token is lost forever, or is there another way to recover it?

Kinda annoying that you can’t send your tokens to your own NNS wallet, and that this wasn’t mentioned.

The old OGY is NOT dip20. We have a DIP-20 passthrough canister but the only people that should be using that are DEXs that only support Dip-20. The OGY legacy canister is jwcfb-hyaaa-aaaaj-aac4q-cai and it is ICRC-1 compliant(though not ICRC-2).

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Pasting the above into your console should absolutely work on the NNS.


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Sorry for misrepresentation, and thank you for the clarification! Why do you think then that the video doesn’t work for some people? Are they pasting the wrong canister ID?

Yes…likely the wrong canister ID or they are pasting in the text from earlier in the thread that described the command but didn’t put the actual id in the text. If they use the text from my message it should work.

Sometimes we(and by this I mean me) forget that not everyone is a dev or maybe even know what a canister ID is.


Thats not true, i used the video to recover my ogy tokens sent from open chat, which i purchased several months ago, and it worked, so this information is false. It worked for me. Any questions just ask

It worked! Thank you so much Skilsare

They have both DIP20 and ICRC1 tokens (but both ledger runs parallel).

Which one works I sent my OGY Tokens from open chat to my NNS wallet, trying to retrieve it. I followed the video, but I kept getting an error code.