Lost OGY(Origyn) tokens while transferring from Sonic to NNS dapp

Use this instead of what is in the video…if that doesn’t work, let me know.

Did you manage to sort this out?
I solved a similar issue by linking my II anchor to AstroX and then withdrew the unsupported tokens through MeWallet. It’s pretty easy and straightforward to do.

I copied and pasted that and I typed it in manually and it brings up an error code that said it couldn’t pull up the canister. I’m sure it’s something I’m doing seeing how I’m not a Developer. Thank you for your response though. It’s kind of frustrating that they have a place to send it but it won’t accept it on the NNS.

How do you link your II anchor?
Please never enter your backup phrase anywhere unless you’ve lost access to your II and then only enter it into the internet identity app.
If you enter it anywhere else you risk losing your II.

Also do not enter security codes from other websites into Internet Identity or you risk losing your II.

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A few things I’d like to add.

Reporting Issues

Whenever you send a “bug report” because something doesn’t work the way you expected, please be extremely detailed. Describe exactly the sequence of steps you took, at which step the unexpected behavior ocurred, a copy over the error (you can even use code formatting here). Try to help us narrow down the search space by sending dashboard links, or links of the token page from the DEX you purchased it. The less back-and-forth we have, the faster we can help.


Please do not send tokens to the NNS dapp that it doesn’t support. Today, the NNS dapp supports ICP, all SNS tokens, ckBTC, ckETH, and ckUSDC. The NNS dapp doesn’t “accept” or not accept tokens. You can send tokens to any principal ID, but that doesn’t mean they will show up. If you’re not sure that you got the right token, which isn’t completely unlikely having different tokens with the same OGY symbol, check the ledger canister ID. How do I do that?

  1. Find the ledger canister ID of the token you acquired.
  2. Look for the token (in this case OGY’s SNS ledger canister). You can see this on the dashboard
  3. Compare the ledger canister ID to the one found in the dashboard. If they match, the NNS dapp will display the token

Crypto Hygiene

If you send a new token or a token to new place, ALWAYS send a small amount first to test. Transactions on the Internet Computer only take 1-2 seconds, and cost less than a cent. there is no reason not to.

I followed the video to this point and this is the error code I got really don’t know what to do from this point as far as sending new tokens to new places lesson learned I haven’t had any trouble like this on the Internet computer protocol. Guess that I kind of got a little spoiled because everywhere else it’s not as seamless appreciate the feedback.

You missed a quote at the end of the long string ie: cai

Can you be more specific do I add? ie: cai); or just remove the area that circled?

Does it matter that I transferred from open chat instead of sonic would the code be different because I transferred OGY from open chat not sonic

I actually copied and pasted from your post

I actually copied and pasted from your post

Untitled 2

My post has an extra quote after cai that yours does not.

** Thank you for pointing that out. I made the correction and this screen came up. No error code Eureka but I’m afraid I don’t know what to do next?

skilesare Man, you are a lifesaver. I appreciate your patience with dealing with my incompetency. Just learning this stuff people like you make me wanna go further into this ecosystem. The ICP community is amazing. It worked. Thank you for your time. I don’t know if I can compensate you or how that works if I can let me know and I definitely will do that. Have a blessed day my brother.

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I thought I had to do something more with the code but it was already on the screen a bit embarrassed cause I sent the picture it already showed the 27,000 OGY sent it back to Open chat Ready for migration Thanks again skilesare

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All good. Glad I could help.

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Getting ready to try this. Sent my origyn (ogy) back to nns but received it to my ICP address by accident. Appears this protocol to remedy is not something that can be adjusted on an iPad. Getting a laptop to follow along with the video. Thanks for sharing.

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MeWallet allows you to link to your NNS. The process is just like adding a passkey to your II, you don’t need to enter your seedphrase.

Adding a passkey, gives AstroX full control over your wallet. It is equally risky to giving your seed phrase to AstroX.
You should be extremely cautious with this.