OGY/ICP transaction gone wrong

Hello mates, I made a transaction from ICP to OGY.
Initially I wanted to Increase my Stake of OGY.

Transaction ID

From my personal checks, this fund was transferred to the NNS

But the OGY wallet looks empty.

How can I retrieve my token?

Did you send Legacy OGY?

If so you will need to add the legacy token to your dashboard to see it. The swap is not ready yet to move legacy OGY to SNS OGY.

See this thread:


The canister ID in this transaction shows SNS OGY not legacy

Did you create that video tutorial yourself or this an official video?

Official video about a technical recovery procedure and you have no voice or subtitles or any form of text explanations?

Looks like you trying to intimidate investors or practically saying investors, “you lost”.
Doesn’t make sense mate.

If you want to continue using that video to troubleshoot, the video need to be reproduced.
Just a free feedback from a loyal customer.

The ticket is not closed, Issue not resolved. Customer not happy

Please don’t click on the link that was posted by arjan. We do not have a ticket system. We do not know this user. They don not support origyn or dfinity as far as I know.

The linked transaction is definitely in the old ogy ledger and cannot be transferred directly to the SNS at this time.




If you would like to retrieve your tokens you need to follow the instructions in the linked thread. The video is just a visual example for you to see what it will look like.

The canister is you need to add is jwcfb-hyaaa-aaaaj-aac4q-cai.

There is a recent proposal to make this easier via the NNS wallet and if you are uncomfortable with these steps you can wait for that feature to retrieve your tokens.

Yea, I don’t bother to wait.
I bet it’s better than following that unprofessional video and messing up my whole NNS account. I am not a developer, just a researcher and investor.

I will wait.

Thanks for your response and support.