Lost ICP when failed to create canister

I was following official guide Network deployment :: Internet Computer (dfinity.org) but it failed to create canister because subnets are not available. After searching this forums, there are many posts with similar errors. The error message said ICP will be refunded, but it is not refunded after 3 days.

Then I checked my account’s transactions from Internet Computer Network Status and noticed 0.0001 ICP fee charged twice in addition to the ICP account I used when creating the canister.

Does anyone know how the fee (twice of such 0.0001 ICP) is charged when creating canister and the overall refund process? Since it is immutable blockchain, is Dfinity going to init a new transcation to transfer such fee + ICP amount (specified in failed canister creation command) back to the user’s account address?

This is just dummy test with minimum ICP amount but it is not very clear how the fee & refund works. Appreciated any insights on these points. Thank you.


BTW, I also opened a support ticket but could not get response yet. If anyone run into similar canister creation error due to subnets not available, would you please share whether your ICP got charged and then refunded? Thank you.

Also got charged two weeks ago, and not refunded yet. I lost 0.0003 ICP. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for sharing the info. I think it is legit issue many users had experienced.

BTW, I created a support ticket a week ago but could NOT get any response. Can someone from Dfinity team please look into such issue and confirm how refund works? Thanks.

Canister creation involves (behind the scenes) some calls to the ledger canister – 2 or 3, depending on if you use dfx or the nns-dapp. If canister creation fails (e.g. because there are no available subnetworks), then all funds except the ledger transactions fees are refunded. Unfortunately, these cannot be refunded since they are a DoS protection mechanism.


Thank you for the explanation. Yes, I was using dfx command line following Network deployment :: Internet Computer (dfinity.org) with minimum 0.0000001 ICP amount. Just want to experience the whole deployment process and will attempt to try again later when subnets become available to public.

Thanks again for sharing the insights.

@bogwar, any idea on this related topic?