Newbie in Dfinity

Hi everyone,
I’m beginner of DFINITY.

I’m trying create Cycles Wallet to deploy my project to IC.

But I got many errors.

I run the command dfx ledger --network ic create-canister ... it say:

Caused by: Failed to transfer funds. the debit account doesn't have enough funds to complete the transaction, current balance: 0.00000000 ICP

And I visit to DFINITY Cycles Faucet ( to get 20T free cycles but the Discord server cannot access in.

That’s because you don’t have any ICP in your account.

You can also find the server in the list of public servers and search for ‘DFINITY’:

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sudo dfx canister create hello

Error: Failed while determining if canister 'hello' is remote on network 'local'. Caused by: Failed while determining if canister 'hello' is remote on network 'local'. Failed to figure out if canister 'hello' has a remote id on network 'local'. Invalid argument: Canister hello not found in dfx.json

First off, you don’t need sudo for dfx.

This is the relevant part. If you look at the hello world example that dfx new generates, it should be clearer how you have to declare your canisters

Also, feel free to follow the quickstart, which was made for your exact situation: a place to get your feet wet.

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