IC create canister keeps getting Refunded

(linux terminal) (dfx 0.7.0 beta 8)

Hi nice people, a question from somebody who tries to set up a website on Dfinity for a friend…

Following tutorials I get stuck at the part

`dfx ledger --network ic create-canister blablabla amount...`

I keep getting

Refunded at block height 63299 with message :No subnets in which to create a canister.

though a substanial amount of ICP (sometimes the whole set amount) gets subtracted from my dfx ledger --network ic balance

is this because of network congestion?

This is because there aren’t subnets for public app deployment just yet, they’re about to be rolled out, in the meantime you can work on your projects by building and deploying locally. The local quickstart here would be the one to follow for this: https://sdk.dfinity.org/docs/quickstart/local-quickstart.html


Oh my. Oh my. Now i feel stupid. :rofl:
I spent last night relearning HTML and get my head around css…

then figured out how to spike my wallet in a terminl window …

and got stuck at night…

I thought I was in for another ‘exciting’ night but… :laughing:

Thank you for clearing things up!

No problem! You will be able to deploy soon!

Once you’re up to speed with the local quickstart there are some great learning resources around, I’d start with the tutorials:

This is also worth a look:

And for some in-depth reference the Motoko language guide is here:

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