Looking to create some "SWAG" for ICP meetups

Thinking of printing some coffee cups black and white as well as some keychain holders, lanyards branded pens and OFC the usual stickers . So far I looked at DFINITY Brand Guide - DFINITY Brand Guide and the DFINITY Brand Guide - DFINITY Brand Guide . Is there any other for the Motoko logo ? Any recommendations/suggestions are welcomed . Thank you

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There is one logo one step further in the same documentation you linked :wink:


Yes thank you, actually wanted to ask if there is any other version or combination of it with some text maybe, sorry for the quick typing and misunderstanding. Edited again and again, the MOTOKO text with the striped letters can be hard to replicate on smaller objects, was what I was thinking, since there is an example for inappropriate use with “normal” typed text …

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Don’t know if this exists, I’ll forward your question.

I also ping @Seb here which may have used such assets for his previous bootcamps.

Thank you so very much, I just feel that the logo needs the MOTOKO text specially for outsiders for awareness. At the end of the day I could just use it as is, asking before doing to be sure to comply . Not sure if anyone else used them on smaller objects but for e.g. lanyard, USB memory stick or even a pen is a bit “not the best variant” . Order will be placed next week and I’ll make sure to post some pictures before committing to it. Thank you for the feedback.

P.S. will ask SEB at next meeting on working group education on the 13th. He has a lot to deal with right now so I thought to ask more broadly until then. Tnaks a lot.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any Motoko specific swag. I have posters and artworks of the Motoko Bootcamps and I’d happy to share them but I’m not sure that’s what you are looking for.

I know DFINITY had printed Motoko stickers but that’s about it.

Asked one designer of the foundation, we don’t have any other assets are those provided unfortunately.

Ok will use it as is. Thanks for the feedback.

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