Smart City development

Dear DFinity Community,

I happened upon DFinity a few days ago. At this moment I can’t remember exactly how, but I think that it may have been a fortunate ‘accident.’ A couple of days ago I was not able to post and sent a message that found its way to Support. I am certain that was not the proper route for this message.

I might be getting ahead of myself and I might not know enough about DFinity’s effort and the Motoko language to make recommendations, but here is one. Some of the development efforts that I have read about here seem to be heading in the area of ‘breakout’ application or at least to create alternatives to existing services. I think (again, early, unexpert, newbie thinking) that DFinity and Motoko could provide a platform for Smart City application development. The message that went to Support contained this suggestion.

I wonder what the experienced developers here think of this idea? I would be very interested to hear some responses.