Launch Event Shirt

Sorry for this very general question but I couldn’t find a better place to ask.

Does somebody know when we will get the launch event shirt from the genesis event earlier this year. I‘m still waiting.


to be honest, I am under the vague impression they have already been sent, but some did not reach destination. I will ping the Comms team who own this particular project (they do not often see the dev forum).

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okay. Thanks for the answer and help. Just let me know if you or anyone who is responsible for the matter needs any data.

I just got confirmation they started shipping and they should be arriving. if you do not get anything by next week, i recommend putting a ticket here so someone from support team can help track your individual case for the T-shirt:

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The Covid-related supply chain issues you hear about has impacted killah Internet Computer swag from getting to you all.

Good news… the vendor alerted DFINITY :package:s started shipping last week.

Check it:

But, watch out for thieves:


For context of those reading, @CashBowie above is Michael, the VP of Comms at DFINITY :slight_smile:


It would have been nice if people could be notified once it shipped so they could take responsibility of tracking and knowing when it’d arrive.
Technically impossible?

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@CashBowie @diegop alright, I’m glad to hear that i’ve not been forgotten :). I’ll just wait then and hope to wear my dfinity shirt very soon.

Thanks for the help.

If you don’t get yo :package:… let us know!

Need to have every Internet Computer community member lookin :cool: for when the ecosystem goes mega bonkers


Hey, unfortunately I still did not get it so I thought I ask you again about the status.

Hi there, let me ping team to see who has any info.

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Happy New Year :tada: :champagne: 🪅

Checked with the vendor… they shipped every :package: a while back.

That said, there are 1,329 orders to community members that FedEx [and affiliate] is having trouble delivering… mostly to Russia and nearby countries.

Thanks for your patience. We’ll continue to work with FedEx to get to you!


Happy New Year🎉 too.

Alright, thanks for the update.
I‘m from Switzerland.

Strange… other Switzerland-based community members received their :package:

Maybe you’re in the Alps :rofl:

Will check with FedEx tomorrow on potential issues with Swiss-based deliveries


Got my t-shirt just before Christmas. Love it. Thanks!

Is there an update? I have still not received it.

I am not sure a public forum is right place to ask since most people received T shirt, and there revealing Private information is not safe.

If you have not yet, I recommend you email the support email so that your particular case can be investigated.