Link Canister NNS

I’m trying to link my canisters in the NNS app. It says I’m not the controller.

Using DFX I added my principal…

dfx wallet --network ic add-controller

This appears to work in the terminal

But it still says I’m not the controller in the NNS app.

Is the same identity that you are using on the NNS app the same identity that is controlling the canisters?

You might be looking to run this command in the root folder of your canister instead:

dfx canister update-settings <canister_name> --add-controller <your_principal_from_the_nns_dapp> --network ic

For example, let’s say that you have a hello_world_frontend canister within the hello_world repo and want to add principal bxoag-wjs53-wlo2r-dhayf-paweb-lonfo-dkgo6-mefma-hbqtc-cfabb-pae, this is the command that you are looking for:

dfx canister update-settings hello_world_frontend --add-controller bxoag-wjs53-wlo2r-dhayf-paweb-lonfo-dkgo6-mefma-hbqtc-cfabb-pae --network ic

Note that you need to add --network ic at the end to add the controller on mainnet. The NNS app uses mainnet.

You can reference the Adding an identity as a controller of a canister docs for the commands needed to add a controller to a canister.


That worked. Thank you ever so much :pray:

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