Learning the IC and Motoko

Hello fellow IC devs!

I am new-ish to the IC and Motoko, and to be honest I am a bit overwhelmed with how much information there is. I have just been taking information in about everything and I am having trouble organizing it mentally. Does anyone have any tips or guides to visualize the IC and the Motoko development process in general? I am coming from a Python background so I am new to some lower level language verbosity. Does anyone have advice about how to develop an intuition to learn the relevant and appropriate things about the Internet Computer? What I like to do is draw out entity flow charts to help me see relevant connections from a high level.

I am capable enough to make and deploy simple dapps with front-end and back end canisters like the tutorial and I feel like I understand most of the process but I am interested in learning the advanced topics. I think I still have to master the basics but I don’t know which basics are the right basics to gain a foundation to build off of to learn the advanced topics like Bitcoin Integration, custom DAO development, etc.

Any advice and direction is appreciated!

Thank you!

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Not answering your question but, as you mention your Python background and while still in beta (I think), just wanted to point out that it’s also possible to code on the IC with such language using Kybra: https://github.com/demergent-labs/kybra

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I appreciate the suggestion @peterparker, however I want to learn Motoko because it is optimized for the Internet Computer and I want to branch out my competence from just Python.

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I think you can still enrole to the Motoko bootcamp, but the camp ends tomorrow
Here is the link Motoko Starter: 7 days to get started on the Internet Computer 🏁

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Some of the hardest concepts in Motoko for me were the variants, switches, nullable, and custom types. Once you get those, you’re off to the races. Here are a couple of tutorials:


Querio code search can be a great tool to start with. You can search through the open-source code within the entire ICP ecosystem and get inspired by how others implemented specific features, code or even DAOs. For more details check here.

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