Launchpad, categories


This has probably been discussed before, but…

I got an idea about launchpad. I was thinking it should be some sort of category as of showing how serious the project are. Maybe 3 different levels. Low, medium and high, maybe 3 better named categories.

Low would mean anyone can launch like today.

Medium should have some requirements where dfinity devs or a chosen team should approve to get this medium stamp.

High should be a more or less fully working product with same or higher requirements from “team” as “medium” and also some sort of interview of the projectleader by the “team”, where they ask about concerns and other technical dev stuff.
The high rank should be the real deal.

I think something like this is importaint to maintain a level of seriousness and quality within the ICP ecosystem.

  • no one will be blocked out of launchpad, but memes will get the “low” category no matter how many memes they want to create yearly.
    Low can also just mean very early stage of project, but you reap what you sow if you launch early.

I dont want to use any projects as example, but alot of people can create a really fancy setup with a good plan, but a “team” would see through its codes and help investors make better decisions.

Is this something that have been discussed?
Yay or nay