🚀 Launching a New CLI to Scaffold Projects with Juno

Hey :wave:

Today I’m launching a new CLI! One command to scaffold any new project with Juno on ICP.


Just run…

npm create juno@latest

…and follow the prompts.

Yarn and PNPM are supported as well, and it even works on Windows without WSL! ! :muscle:


Whether you’re planning to build a website, blog, or application, ready-made templates are available.

Pick your favorite tech stack from Astro, Next.js, React, SvelteKit, Vue, and Angular and let’s go!

The starter kit provides you with a project configured with all the required plugins and configurations, and includes a landing page to access all important resources.

The example kit is none other than my famous note-taking app, which showcases authentication, data, and file persistence.

Plus, it comes with a local emulator, so you can start building immediately. ! :sunglasses:

Dev journey

A CLI is cool, but integrating it into a developer’s journey is even better no? That’s why Juno’s website and docs have been updated to incorporate the story. The design has also been tweaked. Check it out! ! I’m quite happy with the look and feel :sparkles: :hugs:

:point_right: https://juno.build

Have ideas or wish for something to be added to the CLI? I love hearing from you! Drop your suggestions below and let’s make it better!

Have fun building :smiley:


Awesome work @peterparker!

You’re really pushing boundaries and setting new standards of developer experience on the IC with releases like this.

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That’s too kind, thank you so much @NathanosDev ! :smiling_face:

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