Failed to authenticate request error with II and local canister request


I received this message when I was sending a query to a local canister after authenticating and getting Identity from Inter net Identity. I read that it is due to not having II and canister both running locally? or is it something else?
If this is right, is there a way to be able to use II and send local requests?

Failed to authenticate request 0x30fa2ff5c4e61c82cddbd6b7ce54348f5c08a2bbc28f877c84c1dfe80a4d7bfb due to: Invalid delegation: Invalid canister signature: IcCanisterSignature signature could not be verified:

You have to run II locally. The local replica does not currently know how to accept signatures from mainnet

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when I use II create a local account in local,its also show:
403,Failed to authenticate request.
How to deal?

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