Delegation request to local network on web browser failed!

Fail info:
Code: 403 (Forbidden)
Body: Failed to authenticate request 0x9fbbf6b5b881e3613272090ee800f5118179ef0fd12b1f8b1195b6808a3f6a3c due to: Invalid delegation: Invalid canister signature: IcCanisterSignature signature could not be verified: public key 0a00000000000000070101422cec939c371c70ca587b6e640102da7866295b11cfedde8868649f23c23b85, signature …

Use identity auth the localhost, it seem that identity delegation do not work well.

Code like this:
const identity = await authClient.getIdentity();
const actor = Actor.createActor(idlFactory, {
agent: new HttpAgent({

Did you find a solution?

If you are using local host canisters, you need to host your own version of II and connect with that. If you connect with then you need to be on the mainnet


You need to run II locally to use in development. Works fine when that is the case.

Environment requirement:

  • dfx version 0.7.0
  • Rust version 1.51
  • NodeJS (with npm) version TBD
  • CMake

Steps to do:
$git clone
$cd internet-identity
$npm install
$dfx start [--clean] [--background]
$II_ENV=development dfx deploy --no-wallet --argument '(null)'

User local provider in you js code, like this:
let identityProvider = "http://rwlgt-iiaaa-aaaaa-aaaaa-cai.localhost:8000/";
await authClient.login({
onSuccess: ()=>{}


Do you know if it has to be on the same port? I have my app on port 8080 and II on 8000