Delegation request to local network on web browser failed!

Fail info:
Code: 403 (Forbidden)
Body: Failed to authenticate request 0x9fbbf6b5b881e3613272090ee800f5118179ef0fd12b1f8b1195b6808a3f6a3c due to: Invalid delegation: Invalid canister signature: IcCanisterSignature signature could not be verified: public key 0a00000000000000070101422cec939c371c70ca587b6e640102da7866295b11cfedde8868649f23c23b85, signature …

Use identity auth the localhost, it seem that identity delegation do not work well.

Code like this:
const identity = await authClient.getIdentity();
const actor = Actor.createActor(idlFactory, {
agent: new HttpAgent({