Is there any way to see the Foundation's Priority Level For Each of "Big Rocks"?

For example, I know the high-level objective of BTC integration (as an abstraction of the priority level of each of the tasks involved) is very high priority, and so is the SNS and then the ETH integration, and so on.

I’m wondering how much of a priority the DNS is, too. Same with Secure Enclaves –

With so many things going on at the Foundation all of the time, is there any place I can go to see or sort the initiatives by current Importance / Attention level?

Good question.

I think the intellectually honest answer is a combination of three things:

  1. Yes, you can go here to see it. That is its intent:
  2. #1 does not achieve its desired intent. Definitely have gotten a lot of feedback on this.
  3. Yes, we are constantly iterating on this (a lot of times in between urgent things and big projects), but I suspect these are micro-optimizations and we may need to do a more deeper refactoring of the information.

Thanks for the fast response.

Okay, I see one of the challenges – each big initiative is in various status as regards to voting, etc.

I was more just thinking about something where I could:

  1. Search the roadmap items by terms (in addition to just having a default list to look at)
  2. Search the roadmap items by priority, status, and so on – if something did come up through a terms search as per above, then it’d be easy to have the associated project data associated with it, and so on.
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