[PLEASE LIKE] Open source the BigMap project please

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As you can see, the BigMap is still not available. This is a crucial component for all Dfinity builders.
In a previous post, @sat explained that it has been deprioritised.

He also advised us to raise our voices as a community to try to change this.

For all the developers who are not aware of the BigMap project, it is a decentralized storage for our canisters. The CanCan app uses it to store the videos.

Please like the post, it could benefit all of us.

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Yes please, I am about to need this very badly. And in addition to that, we need some way of searching through the BigMap, on a per-field basis (similar functionality to what relational databases give us). Is that what BigSearch will be able to do? Seems it was more described as just a full-text search, I’m hoping it’s more than that as well.

Orthogonal persistence is a great idea, and having no need for databases sounds amazing as well! But if we aren’t going to use Postgres or MySQL or the lot, we’ll still need the same sort of functionality provided somehow.


Upvote :). Sure, I can accomplish most of that I need to do without it, but it would be a hell of a super power if I got access to BigMap and BigSearch.

Hi guys, I found a BigSearch repo while looking the awesome-dfinity repo.
Here it is https://github.com/matthewhammer/motoko-sequence/blob/master/service/BigSearch.mo.
And yeah I agree, if we had BigMap available, it could be crazy.


I just posted a question regarding hosting files on external CDNs since BigMap isn’t yet supported, though I did hear that BigMap is on the roadmap for Q3 2022.

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