Introducing: SpaceDoge (ICRC-1 token, gamified website, and more)

Hi friends,

I’ve been perusing the forums for a while to help with my development process. This is my first post, and I hope it’s okay that I talk about my project.

I’ve made an ICRC-1 token called SpaceDoge (ghvlc-vqaaa-aaaan-qlsca-cai).

The website is

As you can see, the site is somewhat gamified. SpaceDoge’s position on the page is determined by the current market cap. Wen moon? That’s up to the community. Hopefully not too quickly, though (atm, poor little guy has no helmet).

Yes, it’s another meme coin, but soon to be much more. I have a long history of working in the games industry (have solo-created iOS games with more than 200k downloads). I’d like to bring my passion for indie games to ICP. I have yet to add a roadmap to the website, but here are some things I’d like to achieve with this project:

  • NFTs. My current plan is to reward NFTs to the first N holders of SpaceDoge (e.g. first 1k holders get an NFT, first 10k holders get a different NFT, etc.)
  • A playable game, with a story. The SpaceDoge token as in-game currency, used for upgrades, new skins, etc.
  • Community voting. Players vote on new game features, characters, or plot developments.

Obviously I have many things to work on. This is still very, very early. Just hoping to get some support and accountability as I work on all of these new features.

Any feedback is appreciated. How does the site look to you?

Thanks all!


Actually this is not OK imho.

@chepreghy @Severin sorry to tag you guys but I don’t know of a way to tag forums admins.
I think it’s a dangerous game allowing shitcoin creators to advertise here. Having let Babyarof creator and his army of fake profiles run free on this forum had to eventually inspire other shitcoin creators.

Personally I don’t like shitcoins (especially when you know most end up rugging). I think they’re detrimental to the entire IC ecosystem, but hey I guess that’s part of the game and it comes with being one of the hottest blockchains/platforms of the moment. What can however be avoided is allowing them to use this forum as a place to advertise their money-grab venture.

Please save the forum and forbid any shitcoin promotion related posts.

Cheers !


Memecoins are one of the best ways to spread awareness of a particular blockchain and increase adoption. If you think all other crypto projects that aren’t meme related aren’t “money-grab ventures,” you’re deluded. Nobody works for free.

Running around pointing your finger yelling “shitcoin!” does nothing to build a community. If you’re not a fan of a particular project, maybe offer some constructive criticism in a mature way.

Not all memecoins are rugs, and this took a lot of work.

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You can flag posts and add a custom message. Otherwise for direct tagging @diegop or @Ang would be most appropriate IMO. I forwarded your concern and we’ll discuss

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Hello i like the graphics. Do you have a channel on openchat? I think this can help u a lot. Can you host your game on the IC? Also that would be nice for the whole community. Hope to read u soon to show u are an active developer :slight_smile:

Well… sadly no answer at all…

I’m making an iOS/Android game, utilizing the token as in-game currency. I could host the game on IC but I’m not sure what purpose that would serve at the moment :slight_smile:

As for OpenChat. I might add a channel, but nobody knows about my project so I’m looking to build some sort of Twitter/X following first. I’m not the best at marketing (and don’t like doing it), so I’m trying to find community managers to handle that while I make the game.

Thanks for the interest!

Hi, drewbikscube,Any update? :two_hearts:

Learning more about NFTs on ICP and how/when I’ll distribute those. The art is done. I’m planning to add a roadmap and some token details to the site this week, then start marketing next week.

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Let us now when we can be some early investors :wink:

Roadmap is on the site. I have some pretty cool gameplay already, which I’d like to show a preview of soon, once there’s enough interest.

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