Dragginz Update

Hi, sorry for the radio silence!

Just wanted to let everybody know that the website is live at https://dragginz.io. It’s a redirect right now - we’re trying to get the icp.io CNAME records set up but having various issues.

The website was a bit rushed, we’re working on v2 right now with some better concept art, better FAQ and generally looking less like a bootstrap template.

We’re very excited to be sharing this with everybody. We’re hoping to have a playable alpha in Q4 with the front end talking to canisters and hopefully the first game loop. More coming soon!

I can’t really say much about the tokenomics yet, only that Dragginz will be free to play and that every penny the game makes will be reinvested.


Can’t wait to see where this is going!

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This looks fantastic! I hope to see a timeline with projected dates in the near future.

Wishing you all the best and hoping this becomes more than just a popular game in the web3 ecosystem, but a mainstream success overall.


I just want to re-confirm SNS1 token holders are along for the Dragginz ride, is this correct?

Is there any Dragginz image or NFT that we can license to a toy manufacturer to try and generate additional revenue with for game development. I feel like my kids would want some plush-Dragginz in my playroom. Any plans for this? Let’s get something in stores for the Christmas season! The game is free - so why not sell merchandise right? LFG!

Yes, SNS-1 holders have been forcibly pushed into Dragginz, sorry. Tokenomics coming soon.

Merchandising… Dragginz the T-shirt, Dragginz the flamethrower. I’m sure that would happen but we have a lot of conversations with lawyers ahead of us to make sure that we do it right.

All profits go back into the Dragginz game, and that also applies to any merchandise or derivative works.


Sorry to bump this @borovan but was there some recent token airdrop for DSCVR users ? Thanks.

I’m not sure, that was out of my control. I think it was a bug in the UI or something but could be wrong. Somebody else can chime in.

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Yes thank you just got response from Rick, it will be fixed just strange that it appeared only today for me and also was able to get to the create proposal part. Thanks again sorry to bother.

PS for reference when you login and see the 100 year locked SNS-1 you need to refresh until it goes away. Will be fixed ASAP

This is completely silly and all art is so generically placeholder it is ridiculous, but we now have Dragginz that follow your character around and teleport to you if they get stuck. Not end game by any means but wanted to share our progress. Plus a silly vid is a nice distraction from rust right?