Intro! I want to make a known neuron

Hi everyone! I’m Andre Popovitch, an employee of DFINITY. I’m French-American and I love all kinds of music. I like long walks by the beach and proposing new versions of SNS canisters.

The ID of my neuron is 16664007084337444895, and I’m planning on submitting a proposal to make it a known neuron soon. See you on the Internet Computer!


Proposal: Proposal: 129666 - ICP Dashboard

How are you planning to vote with this neuron? Are you going to manually vote on certain topics, or follow others?


Sorry for the inconvenience everyone, I’ve changed my mind about becoming a known neuron. I’d like to withdraw my request, so please vote to reject my proposal


This was fun!

Sorry to hear that!

Damn bro, I voted YES and can’t undo :s RIP

We all voted yes, you should probably ask the foundation to help out with downvoting this, unless you want to end up on the know list :slight_smile: