Query regarding get_neuron method

What type of topic is this?

I Am using Python ic-py module library to fetch/source neuron’s data using get_neuron method(sns)
governance = Canister(agent=agent, canister_id=id, candid=governance_did) governance.get_neuron( { 'neuron_id': id } )

how do i pass the neuron id ?? is there some link or doc’s that i can refer to ?

I would suggest that you double-check the Governance canister Candid file to get the list of available functions.

Could you confirm which function you are trying to use? get_neuron is not an exposed function.

Though I am not as familiar with ic-py as @ccyanxyz, they do provide an example in the ic-py README for the list_proposals function:

from ic.canister import Canister
from ic.client import Client
from ic.identity import Identity
from ic.agent import Agent
from ic.candid import Types

iden = Identity()
client = Client()
agent = Agent(iden, client)
# read governance candid from file
governance_did = open("governance.did").read()
# create a governance canister instance
governance = Canister(agent=agent, canister_id="rrkah-fqaaa-aaaaa-aaaaq-cai", candid=governance_did)
# call canister method with instance
res = governance.list_proposals(
        'include_reward_status': [],
        'before_proposal': [],
        'limit': 100,
        'exclude_topic': [],
        'include_status': [1]

which corresponds to the type provided by the Governance Candid file:

list_proposals : (ListProposalInfo) -> (ListProposalInfoResponse) query;

type ListProposalInfo = record {
  include_reward_status : vec int32;
  omit_large_fields : opt bool;
  before_proposal : opt NeuronId;
  limit : nat32;
  exclude_topic : vec int32;
  include_all_manage_neuron_proposals : opt bool;
  include_status : vec int32;

Based on the example that you provided, I am assuming that you probably are going something with the NeuronID which should be a record with an id of a nat64. type NeuronId = record { id : nat64 }; However, it would be great if you could double check the function that you are trying to use.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if any more questions.